Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Tuition Agency


Starting an agency of tuition is not that easy, as it sounds. There are so many already in the market out there, that you would need to figure out what you are selling out to the market! There might be many hurdles, like having a proper marketing tactics to market you out to the crowd, and also of managing the students, papers, documents and just so many things! Here are some things to consider of the thing- Start own tuition agency-

  1. Get yourself certified first- Get yourself certified first before you consider going all about teaching to kids! Nobody would want to train their kids with a person who isn’t certified enough than the others! So, help yourself with certifications and get the best of them all.
  2. Look at your competitors too- Be it local competition, state level or just anything- consider all of them first before you move ahead with the agency. You ask why, the answer to this is because you need to know why exactly you want to start this, and what different you can offer to your clients.
  3. Have a USP- Have a unique selling point with your own agency so that the clients get attracted toward your agency more than the competitors. It’s going to take time, but do these background research first and only then considering stepping in to this.
  4. Find your niche and stick to that- Stick to the niche that you have certifications in and also stay loyal to that. Just don’t go to the niche because it is trending, choose because you genuinely want to and have knowledge in! This helps in you teaching with all your heart!
  5. Have clients and marketing strategies- Target your clients and pitch your agency to them in appropriate manner. Pitching is the main thing. After you have finalised all of the above points, the main thing is about how to let your clients know of this. So have a marketing strategy or more of these to let the clients know, target them and approach first.

What could be the alternative of starting an agency on your own?

Take for example, people search online for ‘Chemistry Tuition Singapore and they find so many names with ratings, how do you have your agency’s name there? It is quite not possible. So have your name registered with one such agency or online directory or any firm where your name would matter actually, amidst so many others! Websites like advance tutors etc, has all the tutors that have amazing ratings and experienced learning!

This one is the best thing to do, because it cuts some slack for you! You have the scope to work on your learning more, because marketing now is looked after someone else! This helps you to flourish, but just make sure you have exceptional resume in your hand that will have you stand apart than the rest of them! There are hundreds and thousands of them right now, so make sure you have a USP and you sell yourself properly!

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