How to Find the Best Tutor for our Ward?


Ask yourself or your child’s teacher: What level of education do we want? Will your kid need schoolwork only, intensive studying post schooling education, or one thing in between? What areas do we need to check the tutor improves: higher scores in one subject (chemistry, geometry), improved general skills (math, reading, science), study skills, motivation? These are certain things you need to ask yourself before you step in to actually finding a tutor for your kid. We have created a list of things you need to consider and research before you go forth to the hunting down of the tutor.

Tips to find a Private Tutor

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The need and the ease of education:

Look for the need first. It’s more like you cannot have one tutor coaching all the subjects for your child, so you will need to figure it out what subjects your kid lacks in and then go ahead with find private tutor for the same. Ever wondered what are the subjects your child does not like or is weak in? You got to find that out first for the first step.

Look out for options:

Look everywhere on the internet and offline for your options. Which tutors teach in the area you live in and then go ahead with the same. Before that, look for all the options that you have, and not just jump to conclusions. You need to look everywhere in the locality and areas near so you get to know your options properly.

Research about the tutors first:

You do not want to give in the child’s responsibilities to a tutor who is not responsible enough for your child. You need to know the past, the exact details of the tutor and then only go ahead with deciding one for your child. Make sure you have authentic resources of detailing of the tutor so that you don’t get misled.

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  1. Extensive research and history of the tutor

    Get extreme research done, so you don’t regret your choice later. Get to meet the candidates that the tutor has supposedly taught earlier or still teaches, so you would get the exact details and the feedback from the students. Go for online tutors or the websites that provide contacts of teachers, because they usually are authentic and verified.

  1. Always stay in loop

    Keep an eye or keep monitoring what the kid learns and what is being taught to the child. You take tests of your own child once in a month. So you get to understand how your child is transforming in to a better student and how well the tutor is teaching your kid. Never just leave the child and the progress all for the tutor to see, get involved.

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