Things to Consider Before Choosing a Right Tuition for Secondary English

Having unplanned meeting with English business partners? Or if you are having important conference call in English? Do you have new international customer? There are countless occasions for that it makes sense to optimize your language skills. Private lessons are sometimes the most effective way to learn English. The most common form is one-to-one tuition […]

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How to Find the Best Tutor for our Ward?

Ask yourself or your child’s teacher: What level of education do we want? Will your kid need schoolwork only, intensive studying post schooling education, or one thing in between? What areas do we need to check the tutor improves: higher scores in one subject (chemistry, geometry), improved general skills (math, reading, science), study skills, motivation? […]

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Real Estate Investing: Tips Before Investing In a Condo

Singapore is one of the stunning and technological advanced countries in the world. Many people are preferring this country as their permanent residence because of the moderate climate, safe environment, and a chunk of job opportunities. As a result, you may find a lot of housing options (from apartments to luxury condos) in Singapore. Condos […]

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